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Ballet is a beautiful form of dance which requires patience and persistence. The training requires dedication and commitment. Every child has different physical abilities regarding levels of flexibility and coordination. We are aware that not all children learn in the same manner. Older children have more body awareness and usually can progress at each level in one year when taking class twice a week consistently. Some children may be required to repeat the beginner level if they are in the younger age range, take class once a week, or are not consistently attending classes.


Students who have the desire to dance in pointe shoes are required to attend classes 2X weekly. This will allow them to start building the physical technique and strength needed for wearing pointe shoes. Students will be tested for pointe readiness at the beginning of their 4th year of ballet in Level B2. Pre-pointe classes are given in the fall and Beginner Pointe classes are started in the spring. Students must be at least 11 years old and pass the physical requirements to begin pointe. (For information about pointe classes, click here.)

All students are taught at their own pace in a positive environment.

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