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Pointe Classes

Dancing in pointe shoes is the dream and goal of many students in ballet class. Dancing on pointe is quite different than dancing in flat ballet shoes. With proper training, correctly fitted pointe shoes, and the guidance and care of an experienced ballet teacher, we hope to make it a well-remembered and cherished experience.

Dancing on pointe must be done following certain criteria because it carries risk of injuries. We strive to make sure our students dance safely on pointe by following strict criteria, including age, years of ballet training, and a test for strength in the legs and torso that assesses readiness for pointe. Students learn proper care of their feet and toes and are required to tell us of any pain they are experiencing.


  • Pointe work readiness is determined for each student on an individual basis.

  • Pointe classes begin during the Level B2 or Level C year of ballet.

  • Students must be at least 11 years old and consistently taking ballet classes twice a week for 2-3 years (in Level A2 and Level B1)

  • Pointe class is by invitation only when the student demonstrates certain proficiency in strength, body awareness, and maturity. All students wishing to begin pointe class will be tested at the beginning of Level B2 and Level C.

  • Pointe classes are given in addition to the 3 required technique classes a week.

If you would like a copy of our Criteria for Pointe Work, click here.

Dancers will start their first year on pointe in the fall with Pre-point and continue in the Spring with Basic Pointe. Dancers then continue into Beginner Pointe and when ready, Advanced Pointe.

Pointe shoes must be properly fitted by an experienced fitter who carries many different makes and models of shoes. A trip to a dance supply store will be necessary. Pointe shoes typically cost $75 – $130 a pair. If fitted properly, the first pair should last for the Basic Pointe class in the Spring. When your child is ready for pointe, all this information will be made available to you.

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