Tap Classes

Tap dancing is great for rhythm, timing and counting. It will improve balance and memorizing patterns. Tap classes are the perfect dance class to complement ballet. All students must be enrolled in a ballet class to take a tap class. 

We currently offer tap classes for 3 age groups. All tap classes are taught in a progressive manner beginning with single tap sounds and advancing to two and three tap sounds. Students are taught the proper way to hold their legs and strike the floor. We teach a Jazz-Tap style which is used in musical theatre.

New students start tap after they have taken a 10-week session of ballet. Students continue ballet class adding tap as a second class.

We sell tap shoes that are required for the class. They are made of aluminum and will minimize damage to our dance floor. 

Elementary Tap (Ages 5 - 8)

Beginner Tap (Ages 9 - 12)

Beginner Tap (Ages 13 - Adult)