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  • Our youngest dancers learn exercises and basic ballet movements to promote coordination and focus while building strength and gaining flexibility.

  • Dancers learn 3 positions of the feet (parallel, 1st, and 2nd positions) and practice the 4 positions of the arms based on Vaganova classical ballet technique.

  • The class includes floor and center exercises.

  • Students move across the room exploring natural movements and musical rhythm and use props designed to improve fine and gross motor skills.

  • They learn to focus, take turns, and follow directions as well as age-appropriate etiquette and respect for others.

  • Classes are taught in a nurturing environment to help them develop self-confidence and to foster a joy of dance.


Ages 6 -8

  • Dancers are introduced to classical ballet technique learning body awareness while improving their natural movement skills and coordination.

  • Classes include floor exercises, center work, introductory barre exercises, and fun traveling steps that are part of ballet technique.

  • Dancers will begin to build a ballet vocabulary to prepare them for Level A.

  • Class focus is on straight legs, pointed feet, and good torso alignment in a fun and encouraging environment.

  • As they become familiar with basic ballet steps and movements, they start to develop balance and learn to count musical beats and rhythm.

  • Classes are taught in a supportive environment meant to promote a love of dance and create self-confidence. 

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