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For dancers who are new to ballet or moving up from our Pre-Ballet level. Girls and boys are recommended to attend classes twice a week, especially dancers who have a goal of going into pointe shoes. Twice weekly classes at this level are needed to begin acquiring the strength and technique to safely wear pointe shoes in a few years.

  • This class introduces classical ballet training in a more structured environment.

  • Floor exercises develop feet and leg muscles while safely gaining flexibility and building core strength.

  • Barre work builds the ballet vocabulary to cover the fundamental positions and steps and laying the foundation for the higher levels.

  • Center work includes balance, jumps and beginning the study of turns.

  • Dancers move across the floor where coordination and musicality are the focus.

  • Class ends with port de bras and reverence.

  • Classes are taught to challenge and encourage the dancer while fostering their love of dance. Each week the syllabus introduces a new movement in a progressive manner to carefully build technique.


Summer 2024
Fall 2024 - Spring 2025

Looking for a teacher who has a program for 2-3 year olds. We would like to add a "Dance With Me" class. This is a fun, creative movement class using props. Class is for child and a participating adult. This class will be held as a  4-week or 6-week session offered a few times a year in the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. This 45 min class does not participate in our annual Spring Dance Concert.

Please send an inquiry along with a resume to

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